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Aged Solar Leads Massachusetts
The fight against global warming is rising and and with it, so is the solar industry. With many solar companies on the rise, homeowners now have plenty of solar contractors or companies to choose from. But here with us, fear is not in our vocabulary as we are here to help you sell your products. With exclusive telemarketing for solar leads now going for as much as $100 per lead, the rising costs to attract more customers aren’t turning into more sales. Rather, it just increasing the rate to gain new clients.

We at Aged Solar Leads, have an exclusive aged solar lead program to get more sales for entrepreneurs in the solar business as we develop effective strategies to promote solar leads that the other companies have failed to hit. It started out with all the leads as a TCPA compliant, exclusively a telemarketing lead to the original first buyer then after a limited period of 90 days the data becomes available for a resale heavily reduced cost.

The Solar Market in Massachusetts
Solar companies in the commonwealth soared with success around 2015 because of the state’s excellent supply of solar panels. And with the emerging growth of the solar energy economy, Massachusetts has become the state by state leader of solar energy.
Solar panels are well favored in the Commonwealth that despite its cold or snowy reputation, Bay Staters choose to go solar to refrain from a high power bill. The state has at least 8.7 gigawatts of solar photovoltaic generating size to be hosted. This amount can manufacture an equivalent of 17 percent of electricity the state consumes each year, which proves that Massachusetts has outstanding resources of solar energy.

Around 985 solar megawatts has powered over 150,000 homes in Massachusetts since 2009, leading the transformation to clean energy and even made more than 15,000 jobs for the residents. And while the homeowners prefer more to “go green” or “go solar” to save on electricity rates and to add value to their houses, it also helps the revenue of the solar sellers to increase and so as the solar market expands.

As the solar energy spreads across the Commonwealth, the state has become even more competitive in the solar market. This has given a steep climb to the marketing prices across the board and has made the solar contractors promote their products at the doorsteps of home owners.