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California Aged Solar Leads

The golden state California has been gold for many solar companies and with that success has brought in droves of new competition to the state as solar in some ways is the new gold rush. With more competition it has caused California to become most saturated and competitive state when it comes to the solar market.

This in turn has driven up the marketing costs across the board for solar sellers to get into the doors of home owners to sell their products. With exclusive telemarketing solar leads now going for as much as $100 per lead these increased costs to get in front of potential customers aren’t turning into more sales but rather just increasing the cost to acquirer new customers. With the rush to California and new solar companies popping up daily just as many are closing their doors even companies that had lead budgets as big as the national deficit like Sun Edison found out the hard way is that more leads doesn’t necessarily equal more sales and even they filed bankruptcy.

We at Lead Hustler have an alternative option for professionals in the solar business to make sales where others companies have missed them and that’s with our aged solar lead program. All of the leads started out as a TCPA complaint exclusive telemarketing lead that has been sold to the original first time buyer then after the exclusivity period of 90 days has been reached the data is then available for resale.