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You might be using a solar power system to light up your entire house or even office, but might be unaware of certain solar power facts which you should know while using solar power energy. 

Solar power energy is the energy that is generated by harnessing the power of sunlight.

Solar power facts that you should know:

  • Solar power energy is the most highly used renewable energy resource all over the world after hydropower.
  • The photovoltaic cells used to capture solar energy are made of semi conductors same as in the chips of your laptop.
  • Solar power can be combined with hydropower to generate huge amount of energy, enough to provide electricity to an entire village.
  • The heat concentrated and stored by a solar power system can be used to boil water, which can be again harnessed by turbines to produce electricity.
  • People in countries which have winter most of the time generally use solar power naturally to keep their rooms heated.
  • Large windows trap the heat of the sunlight penetrating the house inside it, and thus by the method of radiation the walls radiate the heat to keep the rooms warm from inside.
  • Using solar power prevents noise as well as environmental pollution as there are no harmful gases which come out of solar power appliances.

Solar power facts – to install solar power for electricity generation inside your house

Though solar power is being used at a large scale in many countries around the world, however you need to decide upon and know certain facts about solar power and solar power equipments if you want to use it as your only source of electricity in the house.

  • You will save money by avoiding electric bills, because the electricity will be converted by solar panels and you won’t need to buy the former from the normal grid.
  • However solar power panels come in various shapes and sizes and are to some extent costly as far as installing the same in your home or office is concerned.
  • If you are financially capable of using a solar power system, then you should research around your area to get the best solar power company to do the work for you.
  • Solar power companies are the ones who responsibly install the solar panels outside your house and also the added equipments which are required for the entire system to work for generating electricity.
  • You have the option of exporting the unused excessive solar leads power generated electricity to the local solar power grid, which might otherwise charge you for using excess electricity based on grid tariff laws.
  • You should necessarily know that solar power cannot be accessed in the absence of sunlight, be it due to an upcoming storm or just a cloudy sky which is not giving your solar panels enough exposure to the sun.

So always keep a back up, like a solar power battery, which stores the sunlight by charging itself by natural sunlight. So one of the most important solar power facts is that, you can use it as long as the sun shines on you.

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