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Aged Solar Leads | Residential Solar Leads

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Exclusive Telemarketing Residential Solar Leads

Our Exclusive Telemarketing domestic aged solar leads are another area of expertise for our company. We at Lead Hustler have a long tested performance history of premium Qualified Solar live transfers and Solar Panel leads that get major results! We presently deal with customers all over the USA and are having remarkable outcomes with our leads.

Our business does not take any routes in how we produce the solar leads for our customers as we comprehend you require a qualified homeowner on every aged solar leads. As far as our technique we utilize a basic and straight forward sales call telemarketing to homeowner in the locations that you wish to target where we produce genuine interest in the program and collect all essential info for you to have a concept of exactly what their requirements and exactly what the circumstance will certainly need so you will certainly prepare to enter and obtain their place of business.

We can likewise let the potential property owner understand the aged solar leads specialist’s name who will certainly be calling them back which is valuable and includes added integrated connection when you call them. With Lead Hustler both our residential solar leads and solar live transfers are 100 % solely ready simply for you.

Having a constant performance history of 30 % close ratio for our customers has actually gotten us a high reorder rate! Look into why we are various from other lead program you have actually utilized prior to and a long-term headache totally free option to your solar power leads requirements now and in the future!


Right here is why individuals select Lead Hustler for their Solar Panel lead requirements:

With 10 years of producing special telemarketing leads in a call center/ BPO place of business and preserving an ideal unblemished credibility for our quality and consumer services is exactly what we are understood for in the market. If you do not like our leads we will certainly reimburse you 100 %.

2. We provide 100 % contact rate on our aged solar leads or totally free replacement if you cannot reach them we change them GUARANTEED.

3. 60 days 100 % exclusivity arrangement GUARANTEED.

4. Accountable telemarketing is the only technique we utilize to develop our aged solar leads no routes or dishonest practices are utilized to produce our superior quality solar leads.

5. All our calls are audio tape-recorded and should pass our market high rigorous quality assurance specs prior to they are thought about to be sent out to our partners.

6. Through our stringent quality assurance and constant quality we have among the greatest close ratios in the solar lead vertical.

7. All our telemarketing leads are made in home absolutely nothing is contracted out to other lead suppliers business as that threatens our quality and control over the procedure from production to the lead shipment.

We feel this is vital details on how our leads are made and how our system works. This will certainly not just assist you get the most from the program however enables you to strike the ground running so we can be your finest and last lead supplier you will certainly ever require.

How our Exclusive Aged Solar Leads are generated

All our  Aged solar leads are produced making use of telemarketing

We get in touch with domestic property owner Monday through Friday

We adhere to a tested script that gathers the information you require

All our leads are 100 % specifically produced you, and are special for a minimum of 60 days.

We produce property owner interest and collect all the required details in order for you to be able to be able to pre-qualify them and have the needed info.

All our aged solar leads are audio taped so they can be check and confirmed by our quality assurance group prior to they are sent out to you and are readily available to you also if there ever is an issue or inconsistency on a lead.

How we get you the Aged Solar leads:

We send out the Aged Solar leads that are made for our customers at the end of calling day beginning at 3pm PST. If you have to have the leads as they are made in genuine time there will certainly be a service charge for the instant shipment.

We can send you the aged solar leads in a wide range of formats: e-mail, Microsoft outlook contact, word doc, and so on. If your order is 100 aged solar leads or more we can likewise deal with you on your favored CRM/lead management software application. You would have to offer us any required software application at your expenditure for this service for smooth combination with your very own system.

Aged Solar Leads replacement policy:

We have actually been making premium telemarketing leads for more than 10 years so our procedure is by created to be high quality and by thoroughly evaluating procedure that if the leads do not fulfill the recognized requirements it’s not going to be sent out in the very first location. Our quality control moto has and constantly will certainly be “if in doubt do not send out the lead out”.

Right here are the returnable lead requirements for aged solar leads replacement:

Not able to reach the individual/ bad telephone number we will certainly retry to call and if we cannot reach the property owner we will certainly then change the lead. If we can reach them we will certainly send it back to you with the audio tape or on the unusual event on a bad number we will certainly get fixed number and return to you.

The individual is not the homeowner and or is not in any method a choice maker for that house.

The lead is not in the pre-agreed upon geographical location (state, county, city, SCF code, Zip code).

When asking for a credit kindly note we change the leads that do get approved for replacement at the end of the order regarding not disrupt the procedure or make it complicated. Easy send out in the lead with the name and factor regarding why you are returning it to the very same e-mail that we are you sending you the cause and we will certainly examine and reassess the tape and select the replacement of the lead based upon the requirements noted in this contract and the scenario. All exchangeable leads will certainly be done at the conclusion of the initial lead order has actually been finished.

Putting a time out on an existing aged solar leads order:.

If you have to pause your leads you can however it has to be in an e-mail and ideally a call with a 2 company day advance notification of the day of the when the time out is occur. If it’s less than 2 place of business day and we currently made leads we will certainly still send them to you and will certainly rely on your order.

Payment Options: All Solar Panel leads orders are pre-paid.

Credit card/Debit – We can accept charge card through over the phone or on our charge card permission kind. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover both credit and debit cards.

PayPal – Clients wishing to pay with American Express can spend for the services by means of PayPal with or without a recognized PayPal account. Customers can likewise move funds if offered in their PayPal account to us also however need to pay the any costs on their end.

Bank Wire – Clients normally utilize this choice if they are high volume lead purchasers as it prevents any hold-ups or disturbances in lead circulation. This is likewise a choice for any size order.

Direct deposit in our bank – We presently accept checks, money gave any Wells Fargo bank for quick payments. Account numbers will certainly be provided you if you choose to do this choice sometimes of payment.

Bitcoin– Since all projects are prepaid the value the day the agreement is signed and payment is made will certainly figure out the variety of bitcoin’s it will certainly require to cover the project. The rates are pegged versus the evaluation to the United States dollar.

We look forward to working with our customers for as long as they are in the company and desire to be your “Go To” source for superior quality leads. Let Lead Hustler handle all of your Aged Solar Leads and Solar Panel Leads appointments.


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