chanel perfume will be a pure floral fragrance

Chanel, the world-famous luxury brand that has been obsessed by the world, started with Ms. Chanel, who once said “I want to be a part of the future” and has a visionary vision, to follow the Lafayette, who knows how to carry forward and understand the spirit of Chanel. Now the baton is handed over to the double art directors Virginine Viard and Eric Pfrunder.
In 1930, Coco-Chanel was in the apartment of Vieira, France. The striped shirt on her body originated from the French navy uniform. Coco Chanel is the fashion pioneer who will carry the stripes. In 1917, she launched a stripe series, and the stripes gradually became popular. High society favors.
Chanel perfume, you will know that many of the classic perfumes that everyone loves today are launched by Chanel. When it comes to the most scented brand, Chanel is definitely one of them, and it also knows exactly what women love. Therefore, it is more exciting to launch exciting products. The time of this cocoa scented perfume is not very long, but it is already very popular in the perfume industry. Many sisters just feel the heartbeat when they smell the top notes. And, of course, only the products that Chanel launched have such charm! We all know that each of the fragrances that Chanel has launched has a unique style. Although there are no cumbersome decorations and patterns, it is simpler and more accessible to people. The cocoa lady’s fragrance also continues this charm.
Many people think that this chanel perfume will be a pure floral fragrance. In fact, it is a deep amber woody note. It is more worthy of taste and exploration. The oriental fragrance is very suitable for domestic sister paper. It’s pungent, but it can make the sisters feel more beautiful through the fragrance of the sultry, with the base of the patchouli, and the sweet amber fragrance blended with the east bean and vanilla flavor, followed by the rose and jasmine. Floral scent, fresh and bright citrus

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